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About Us

Information can be regarded as the "oil" of the 21th century. Building on rapidly evolving information technologies it has become the key resource for driving the transformation of organizations and societyHowever, the potentials of information need to be understood as well as actively managed and designed in order to create positive economic and societal impacts. The Institute of Information Systems and Marketing addresses this challenge with the vision statement:

  "We create value from information"


IISM consists of 6 professors with their associated research groups that contribute to execute this vision from different perspectives. At the core we cover the two key disciplines: information systems and marketing. Further information on the groups is provided via the links below:


Information Systems & Engineering:

Information Services & Electronic Markets (Prof. Dr. Andreas Geyer-Schulz)

Consumer & User Behavior (N.N.)



Research Goals:

  • Publications in top peer-reviewed journals
  • Collaboration with industry partners in innovative joint research projects
  • Research funding from well-accepted institutions on the German and European level
  • Large international network of researchers
  • Training and academic placement of high-potential junior researchers