MeKIDI Future

What happens in the MeKIDI project?

  • Date: 06.09.2021
  • In this interview with INQA (“Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit”, initiative for new quality of work), project manager Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche elaborates the project vision and answers questions about the experimental spaces.


    In cooperation with the project partners hsag Heidelberger Services AG, Soluvia Energy Services GmbH, Stadtwerke Bretten GmbH and World of VR GmbH, the project aims to develop approaches for enabling a humane AI-based digitalization in the energy sector. MeKIDI is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as part of INQA.


    Further information about the project and the initiative can be found on the MeKIDI Homepage or here.


    Here’s the link to the video


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