Participation at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2024

  • Date: 22.04.2024


The research groups of Professors Mädche, Satzger, and Weinhardt will be represented with 8 papers at the European Conference on Information Systems, which will take place in Paphos, Cyprus in June. Congratulations to all authors!

Fassnacht, M., Benz, C., Bode, J., Heinz, D., Satzger, G.:

Systematizing Data Sharing Practices: A Taxonomy

Gnewuch, U., Hanschmann, L., Kaiser, C., Schallner, R., Maedche, A.:

Robot Shopping Assistants: How Emotional versus Rational Robot Designs Affect Consumer Trust and Purchase Decisions.

Holstein, J., Spitzer, P., Höll, M., Vössing, M.:

Understanding Data Understanding: A framework for navigating the intriciacies of data analytics

Jussen, I., Fassnacht, M., Schweihoff, J., Möller, F.:

Reaching for the Stars: Exploring Value Constellations in inter-organizational Data Sharing

Riefle, L., Hemmer, P., Benz, C., Vössing, M.:

The Role of Cognitive Styles for Explainable AI

Spitzer, P., Kühl, N., Goutier, M., Kaschura, M., Satzger, G.:

Transferring Domain Knowledge with (X)AI-Based Learning Systems

Stano, F., Knierim, M. T.:

Towards EEG-Based Decision Support Systems: Externalizing Neural Information to Assist Economic Decisions

Stein, C., Fegert, J:

Bridging Realities: Exploring Enablement Factors for XR Participatory Urban Planning