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Participation at ECIS 2018

Participation at ECIS 2018
Date: 07.05.2018

The ISE Research group will be present at the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS-2018) in Portsmouth, UK with 9 accepted papers in the fields of digital experience (chatbots, attentive user interfaces, digital nudging), electronic markets (prediction markets, robo-advisory), IS engineering & transformation (data-driven business model tools, process standardization measurement). Furthermore, Jella Pfeiffer and Stefan Morana are organizing a workshop on „Designing User Assistance in  Interactive Intelligent Systems“.
Full Research Papers

  • Gnewuch et al. (2018). Faster is Not Always Better: Understanding the Effect of Dynamic Response Delays in Human-Chatbot Interaction.  
  • Haake et al. (2018). Operationalization and Measurement of the Concept of Effective Use.
  • Kloker et al. (2018). The Effect of Social Reputation on Retention in Knowledge Sharing: Designing a Social Real-Time Delphi Platform.
  • Teubner T and Glaser F (2018). Up or out - The dynamics of star rating Scores on Airbnb.

Research-in-Progress Papers


  • Reuter-Oppermann et al. (2018). Assessing information requirements for complex decision making in healthcare.
  • Augenstein et al., (2018). Designing for Business Model Comprehension – Principles for an Extended Business Model Tool.
  • Wurm et al., (2018). Development of a Measurement Scale for Business Process Standardization.
  • Toreini et al., (2018). Designing Attention-aware BI&A Dashboards to Support Task Resumption
  • Jung D, et al. (2018).  Nudged to win - Designing robo-advisory to overcome decision inertia.  

Workshop Papers

  • Huber J et al.(2018). Nudging Flexiblity - Increasing Electric Vehicel User's Charging Flexibility with Digital Nudges.