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Presentation at SAP User Assistance Reloaded 19

Presentation at SAP User Assistance Reloaded 19


Date: 05.06.2019

Stefan Morana presented selected research results of the ISSD research group at the annual SAP User Assistance Reloaded conference. In this talk, he specifically emphasized the importance human-chatbot interaction design.

Further information about SAP User Assistance Reloaded 19 can be found on the conference Web Page https://ua-reloaded.de. A short summary is captured by the SAP press release: https://news.sap.com/2019/05/ua-reloaded-19-user-assistance-community-new-interaction-paradigms/

The ISSD Research Group is investigating different forms of advanced user assistance systems as part of the research department “Digital Experience & Participation” (http://ise.iism.kit.edu/58.php). A specific focus area of research are chatbots, see also  https://chatbotresearch.com/.