Wirtschaftsinformatik I


In the lecture Information Systems I of the module central basics of information systems are introduced as a scientific discipline. For this purpose, the objects of knowledge, basic terms, scientific character and goals as well as methods in science and practice of information systems are introduced. Concepts, methods and theories as well as systems and their technical design are discussed along the analysis units individual, group, organization and market. The lecture focuses on the analysis units individual and group.  Within the framework of the lecture, a Capstone project is worked on in a team, which takes up a real social question and develops a concrete problem solution.

Learning obejectivs:

The student

  • can describe the subject area of the discipline information systems in science and practice
    knows the central terms as well as goals, core tasks and objects of knowledge of information systems
  • understands the interplay of subject area, method and theory in information systems
  • can define the central analysis units individual, group, organisation and market and obtain a basic understanding of the targeted use of information systems and infrastructures
  • develops an understanding of the importance of interdisciplinary, systemic thinking and develops in a team a solution to a real social problem


Total effort for 4 credit points: approx. 120 hours. Presence time: 40 hours Preparation/postprocessing: 40 hours Examination and exam preparation: 40 hours

Language of instructionGerman