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Digital Service Design Seminar

Digital Service Design Seminar
type: Seminar (S)
semester: SS 2020
lecturer: Jasper Feine
Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche
sws: 3
lv-no.: <a target="lvn" href="https://campus.studium.kit.edu/events/szYZ3UYZRDa2FzO9Kxfbbg">2540559</a>


In this seminar, a team of students addresses a real-world design challenge of an IISM cooperation partner.  Students learn and apply design methods, techniques, and tools to explore the problem and deliver a solution in the form of an innovative prototype


Learning objectives

The students

  • explore a real-world digital service design challenge 
  • understand the human-centered design process and apply selected design techniques & tools 
  • deliver a digital service prototype as a potential solution for the challenge



No specific prerequisites are required for the seminar



Further literature will be made available in the seminar.