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Marketing Strategy Business Game

Marketing Strategy Business Game
type: Block (B)
semester: SS 2019
lecturer: Assistenten
Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann
sws: 1
lv-no.: <a target="lvn" href="https://campus.studium.kit.edu/events/MejBtnGDSbCgBH4hIbR5TQ">2571183</a>

Homburg, Christian (2016), Marketingmanagement, 6. ed., Wiesbaden.

Content of teaching

Using Markstrat, a marketing strategy business game, students work in groups representing a company that competes on a simulated market against the other groups' companies.

  • Please note that only one of the following courses can be chosen in the Marketing Management Module: Marketing Strategy Business Game, Strategic Brand Management, Open Innovation – Concepts, Methods and Best Practices or Business Plan Workshop. Exception: In summer term 2016 exceptionally two courses can be chosen or, in case one course has already been chosen previously, a second course can be chosen.
  • Please note: The number of participants for this course is limited. The Marketing and Sales Research Group typically provides the possibility to attend a course with 1.5 ECTS in the respective module to all students. Participation in a specific course cannot be guaranteed.
  • In order to participate in this course, you need to apply. Applications are usually accepted at the start of the lecture period in summer term. Detailed information on the application process is usually provided on the website of the Marketing and Sales Research Group (marketing.iism.kit.edu) shortly before the lecture period in summer term starts.

The total workload for this course is approximately 45.0 hours. For further information see German version.



- are able to operate the strategic marketing simulation software "Markstrat"

- are able to take strategic marketing decisions in groups

- know how to apply strategic marketing concepts to practical contexts (e.g. for market segmentation, product launches, coordination of the marketing mix, market research, choice of the distribution channel or competitive behavior)

- are capable to collect and to select information usefully with the aim of decision-making

- are able to react appropriately to predetermined market conditions

- know how to present their strategies in a clear and consistent way

- are able to talk about the success, problems, critical incidents, external influences and strategy changes during the experimental game and to reflect and present their learning success

Exam description

Non exam assessment (following §4(2), 3 of the examination regulation).